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Whisky Douglas Laing MCGIBBON’S GOLF BAG

264 lei

500 ML

Enjoy burnt sugar, vanilla and citrus on the nose of this McGibbon’s Blended Scotch Whisky. Detect layers of runny honey, sweet malt and dark fruits on the palate, running to a long finish that displays a milk chocolate and coconut character.

Whisky Douglas Laing MCGIBBON’S GOLF CLUB

240 lei

500 ml

The liquid inside this McGibbon’s Golf Club offers stewed fruits, caramel and vanilla pods on the nose. A zesty orange, coconut and dark chocolatey palate, and a finish that is lingering, with waves of barley, dark fruits and vanilla cream.

Whisky Douglas Laing Old Particular GLEN MORAY

377 lei

14 ani, 700 ml

The nose shows distinct vanilla and sweet flavours, running to a fresh malt character with macerated fruit. A palate that is still sweet, carrying an attractive fruit brandy quality and caramel and spices, all running to a finish that is medium-long and still malty, running drier to lemon pith and orange bitters.

Whisky Douglas Laing OP. BLAIR ATHOL

399 lei

15 ani, 700ml


A nose that opens nutty and sweet and develops to chocolate praline, rich spices and pipe tobacco. A mouth-coatingly spiced palate with polished wood, butterscotch and subtle smoke. A finish that is long, still spicy and sweet, lingering with burnt orange peel and liquorice.

Whisky Douglas Laing Premier Barrel GLENGOYNE

300 lei

7 Ani, 700 ml.

Glengoyne at its glorious gristy best! This Marvellous Malt carries caramel, candyfloss and coconut cream plus perfect peaches and poached pears with Hallmark hue of Harmoniously hearty and heart-warming honey on beautifully buttered bread.


Whisky Douglas Laing Provenance LAPHROAIG

395 lei

8 Ani, 700 ml.

Opens surprisingly sweet on the nose, carrying a peat kiln smoked malt character. The palate is rich and mouthcoating, with soot and ash balanced by vanilla and honey. To call that finish long would be an understatement – smoked meat, BBQ ashes and a salty, beach bonfire smoke style delivering a lingering finish that you won’t forget in a hurry.

Whisky Douglas Laing Provenance FETTERCAIRN

175 lei

8 Ani, 700 ml.

Opens with a fresh, vanilla character with hints of charred oak and a sweet gristiness. The palate is milky cereal with warm baked bread, melted butter and gentle spices. The lingering finish displays more of that grist with vanilla cream and runny honey.

Whisky Douglas Laing Provenance BEN NEVIS

186 lei

8 Ani, 700 ml

Opens clean and fresh on the nose, carrying an attractively fruity quality, plus a sweet, gristy character. The palate remains sweet, poached peaches in syrup on vanilla ice cream. The finish is medium-long, still fruity, before running drier to a crisp and malty character.